IMG_1605● Do you have your Permaculture Design Certificate and are you wondering what’s next?
● Interested in learning modern homesteading skills?
● Want to grow your own food?
● Feel the need to work with animals in a way that is compassionate and confidant?
● Exploring the idea of getting a Permaculture Design Certificate and want to gain experience before class time?
● Looking for real answers in a crazy world?

and you don’t know where to begin? Our school is a great place for beginners or experienced practitioners. We believe that a hands on experience will give you the confidence to create your own sustainable future.

Come join our Spring or Fall 2016

Regenerative-living mentorship program!

This program is a unique opportunity to get one-on-one teaching with an experienced mentor, you don’t need to have experience or a PDC to do an internship .Our goal is to give you the practical knowledge you need to work with small scale integrated systems, from a back yards to small farms. We will teach you to work with the energies of the sun, soil and water and to partner with land, animals, microbes and fungi to create regenerative systems that heal the land while providing abundantly for you and the environment.



  • Farm week is Monday through Thursday from 8:30am-5:00pm
    • Monday & Wednesday: Hands on farm and garden management and greenboard lectures
    • Tuesdays: Modern homesteading workshops and group projects
    • Thursdays: Whiteboard permaculture design lectures
  • Interns are accepted twice per year
    • Spring term runs April 4th-July 1st  Closed 
    • Fall term runs August 1st-October 28th
  • Hosts up to 10 interns which ensures time for personal attention
  • Cost: $1500 for 3 month program

How to Apply:

  • Complete this application
  • Attach three letters of recommendation
  • Leave phone number to be contacted for interview
  • After acceptance pay here

The program is first come first serve and space is limited.



  • Community housing with beds: rustic, simple, and off grid
  • WI-FI and electricity available in reference library
  • Shared outdoor kitchenette
  • Beautiful outdoor shower house with hot and cold water

Food and Community:

  • Produce from the garden is available in season
  • Self-organized meals in a shared kitchen
  • Community life consisting of impromptu group meals, bonfires, social time, dancing, music, yoga, etc



Our spring and fall terms come with unique opportunities as the natural cycles of the seasons change. Here are some great learning experiences that will be available this year!


Spring term:

  • Rooing sheep (harvesting wool by hand)
  • Lambing
  • Planting starts in the greenhouse
  • Garden preparation
  • Spring garden planting
  • Plant propagation




Fall term:

  • Food preservation and fermentation
  • Seed saving
  • Fiber processing/spinning
  • Fall harvesting
  • Homestead butchering
  • Fall garden planting

What will I learn?

  • Perennial and annual food production
  • Cooking and using what you grow
  • Cultivating herbs for medicinal and culinary purposes
  • Uses of native plants and plant identification
  • Orchard management and guild planting
  • The value of weeds: “chop and drop”, mulching, composting in place, and living fertilizer
  • Hot and cold composting
  • Soil building/fertility farming
  • Water harvesting
  • Greenhousing
  • Proper use and care of tools
  • Animal husbandry and poultry management
  • Sustainable urban farming techniques
  • Permaculture design and construction projects
  • Appropriate technology
  • Holistic management
  • Observation and evaluation
  • Holistic decision making
  • And so much more!
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