Our goal at The Dirt Rich School is to endow students with the knowledge and skills they need to live in abundance—working with our best teacher, Mother Nature and others in Community—to create empowered individuals, better able to thrive in an ever-changing world.

The school’s home is Compass Rose Farms, an abundant 40 acres just outside of Port Townsend, Washington, in the Discovery Bay watershed of Northwest Washington State.

In addition to our beautiful Permaculture Demonstration Site, where students gather wisdom through hands-on encounters with the plants that grow here, the property is also home to biodiverse gardens, ponds and meandering creeks, a developing orchard and food forest, and footpaths through the old growth forests and fields. Here, you will have many opportunities to learn as you observe and enjoy our most peaceful sanctuary,  the Natural world.

Throughout the course, students are exposed to a wide variety of practices, including but not limited to, Permaculture design, modern homesteading, holistic animal husbandry, and sustainable food production. We work to create a dynamic educational environment by blending traditional whiteboard lectures, given in our classroom space, and outdoor greenboard lectures, with Nature acting as the classroom.

If you are interested in sustainable living or Permaculture, and don’t know where to begin, our school is a great place to start! And if you already have a Permaculture Design Certificate, we can provide you opportunities to apply your knowledge and the resources to support you on your journey to greater, greener Wisdom.

Empowering people to live in abundance and thrive in a changing world

The Dirt Rich School is a for profit entity.